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Dear our Valued customers,

By this chance, Vega Travel would like to express our special thanks for your support and joining us so far.

Vega Travel is originally Fansipan Tours founded in 2001, then years we tries all our best to deliver our tours and travel services with their best prices and quality, we built up a great reputation in our customers’ mind of travelling Vietnam. We got recommendation by many travel guide books such as Footprint, the Rough guide and especially Lonely Planet and Tripadvisor….

But the more we offered the genuine tours, the more copycats we had. Those copycats offered fake tours to get real money and even double expensive prices. Finally they ripped off our beloved customers to get money illegally. Finally they destroyed Fansipan tour and caused us to change our name to Vega Travel nowadays.

The reality is not stopped there.

For Money! Recently there have been few hotels, travel agents, tour sellers are trying to convince our recommended customers that they are Vega’s partners, Vega’s agents in order to sell the tours under the fake stamp of Vega Travel. They are even trying to copy our tour programs, the boat’s photos, tour guides’ names to make our customer believe that they are the real Vega… but please be aware that all of them are Fake.

Therefore, please contact direct Vega Travel online by email: info@vegatravel.vn or whenever you are in Hanoi, please come straight to our unique address at 24a Hang Bac street – Hanoi. Please don’t ask them for a phone call to book the tour you are interested and don’t rely on whatever they talk. Don’t take their suggestions once you have us in your mind. Because if you book with them, finally they will send you to some open tours, different boat and wrong tour guide. Because each tour you book with them, they will get a big commission of from 30 – 50 USD per person meanwhile Vega could not offer this due to our lowest price stated on our website. www.vegatravel.vn and all people know that.

Come to travel with Vega, you will have a great experienced tour in Vietnam, an enjoyable and the best price for the tours you expect. Why? Simply we are a genuine tour operator, not an intermediary travel. We promise to deliver guaranteed tours by our own transport, own boat and own tour guides and deal flexibly

Thank you for your time and we hope you will enjoy your trip.